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The Different Types of Light Bulbs for Your Home

Of course, each type of light bulb has its own set of pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages are clear, and it’s up to you to decide what type of bulb will work best for you. Some light bulbs work better in certain areas of the home, while others are ideal for different spaces.

4 Ways Your Home Electricity Bill Can Be Reduced

Is your energy bill too high these days? Are you looking for new ways to cut costs on electricity without having to sacrifice comfort in your own home? Trying to save money for electricity bills can be drag, but there are several things you can do to reduce your cost each month.

Case Study: August 2008, Farrer Road Consumer Unit Fire

Four family members were asleep in their bedrooms at home. At 4 in the morning, they woke up due to a popping sound. The smell of burning filled the air, and they all ran out to see a huge fire on their porch. The fire quickly spread to the roof, and the family evacuated as fast as possible.

Did Benjamin Franklin Really Discover Electricity?

It’s obvious that electricity has been an important innovation since its discovery. But, who was the first person to discover how to harness this natural power? Was it truly Benjamin Franklin, like we were told? Or has the use of electricity been around for far longer than that?

What’s the Difference Between AC & DC Power?

Ever wondered where the famous band AC/DC got its name? There are two main types of electrical currents that are used to power our devices: AC and DC power. Both of these types are very different, yet both can successfully provide ample power to energize your devices and appliances.

What Most of Your Electricity is Used On

When you get your electricity bill in the mail every month, you might dread opening up that letter. It can be difficult to understand why certain electrical uses cost so much, and what uses in particular are taking up most of your energy.

Are Your Power Outlets Childproof?

Your child’s safety is the most important factor to consider when letting them roam around at home. If your little one is at the age where they like to crawl around and touch different objects, then you need to make extra sure that your power outlets are childproof.