95.5% of Singapore’s Electricity Comes from Clean Energy Sources

The push for cleaner energy sources in Singapore has paid off, with the country using natural gas almost exclusively. For the past decade, energy companies have moved away from electricity derived from petroleum, instead turning to more natural and energy-saving solutions for residents and businesses alike.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel that provides a healthy alternative to diesel oil and other types of fuel. This solution can help cut costs on monthly energy bills in addition to finding new ways to provide electricity that are safer for the environment.

Image: Polar Bear starving because global warming has resulted in ice around the Svalbard islands melting faster than they used to, leaving them no route to the High Artic.

What This Means for the Environment

According to CATS, an electrician in Singapore increasing the use of natural gas and decreasing the use of petroleum, Singapore’s environment will become greatly improved. This can affect the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the country, making the air more breathable. Citizens and residents of Singapore will be able to help reduce their carbon emissions by utilizing an energy source that is burned more cleanly.

Studies show that natural gas uses 35% less carbon dioxide than petroleum oil. Plus, natural gas does not put sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide is one of the most harmful materials for the environment, as it burns through the ozone layer of the atmosphere, leaving the Earth exposed to the toxic rays of the sun. By reducing the amount of emissions pumped into the air, Singapore’s atmosphere will become cleaner and there will be less risk for ozone penetration.

Not only is the inclusion of natural gas good for the environment, but it will also bring about a boost to Singapore’s economy. Each gross domestic product created in Singapore will be emitting less and less greenhouse gases, making them more efficient and more affordable for buyers and sellers. It will be cheaper, cleaner, and easier to power Singapore than ever before.

How Supporting Clean Energy Can Be Beneficial

It can be extremely beneficial to support this movement towards cleaner energy. Not only will it improve the state of the natural environment, but it will also make your energy bills much cheaper on a monthly basis.

Since it is less destructive to use natural gases than to use petroleum-based oil, it is cheaper to maintain. There is no cleanup involved, and there are far less combustible hazards as well. By supporting clean energy movements, you can contribute to the growing state of Singapore’s economy while also planning on ways to use gas that are better for the environment.

It’s true that only 5.5% of Singapore’s energy is derived from petroleum, which notes a huge decrease over the past two decades. Officials have been working hard to support the use of natural gas over more harmful fossil fuels. On the side, officials are working to find better ways to generate their own electricity, whether through solar power or waste incineration. All of these initiatives can help to spring the economy into action while laying out plans for the betterment of the natural environment.

What Opting for Cleaner Energy Means for Your Electricity Usage

You will still be able to use electricity the same as before, but now you have the option of implementing cleaner natural gases to your stovetops and ovens. Natural gas can heat water more effectively, and costs less energy to make. Since it costs less to emit the same amount of electricity than before, this bodes well for your electricity bills in the future.

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed by your energy bills, and you can’t justify the amount spent on electricity, this is the perfect solution to meeting your energy needs. The push for cleaner and more efficient energy sources can save you money in your pocket while making the air around you more breathable, too. It’s only a matter of time before that 95.5% statistic rounds out to a full 100%. The economy and the environment are flourishing because of this new initiative, and as a Singapore resident, you can benefit from the use of natural gases too.