About Us

We care about our customers. We genuinely do, which is the reason why we’re always ready and waiting to help you when you’re in a pinch; whenever you are, wherever you may be. Helping us make sure that we’re giving you the very best service we can offer, while also keeping you and yours satisfied with our work!

Besides being at the ready to assist whenever you need us, we are also extremely committed and passionate about our work. All our team members have a wealth of experience hidden behind their friendly faces, and not to mention unmatched skill in their craft; be it electrical repairs or in the field of plumbing.

They are more than happy to share their skills and expertise with you on site as they’re resolving the problems you’re facing as well! Giving you invaluable tips and advice when it comes to maintaining the condition and functionality of your appliances and other installations.

Our Business Principles

Affordability is also a huge thing we keep in mind when we’re on the job. We’re one of the most affordable services in Singapore, and yet we still deliver work that’s close to unparalleled in quality. Check our stellar reviews and customer feedback page to see just the kind of value we provide to our customers.

Lastly, it’s the close, friendly community we forge with the wonderful people who we’ve had the pleasure of serving. Many Singaporeans have relied on our services to help them quickly, affordably and efficiently get rid of their electrical or plumbing headaches. So, if you’re in need of any help at all; drop us a call and we’ll do it all. Our friendly receptionists will run you through the process and give you all the information you need, including a competitive quotation, consultation times as well as other support. And before you know it, our teams will be on site to help you remedy the problem.

We, here at CATS.com.sg are always eager to help you out, no matter the job and regardless of the time or place; and that’s because, we care about you and your experience.