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Need Rewiring Services in Singapore?

Electrical wiring issues are one of the most common problems when it comes to electrical appliances malfunctioning or acting strangely. Wiring problems are extremely frustrating to deal with especially when it comes to home or office spaces unless you’ve got professional experience and training. Problems you can see when your spaces wiring needs a round of maintenance include flickering lights, burning smells when items are switched on and electrical switches being unresponsive.

Electrical wiring work is usually required for brand new spaces or when these spaces are being renovated, as many of the electrical installations are to be put in place or are going to be relocated respectively.

How the Rewiring Process Works

The process of wiring and rewiring usually goes like this, the wiring plan is first drawn out for a new or existing home/business space to provide power to planned installations in each room while still providing accessibility to power sockets. This is affected by the space’s planned layout and designs, of course.

On the other hand, Rewiring is more tailored to solving the problems brought about by damage to current wiring because of pests, environmental damage or just wear and tear.

Electrical wiring damage is mostly caused by the three causes mentioned earlier, being pests, environmental damage and wear and tear from not being maintained in too long. The insulation layer around the wires end up getting worn down and expose them to damage or touching each other, which can lead to problems like frequent short circuits and appliances not working the way they should.

If you’re experiencing this, immediately call a professional team of electricians to aid you as it could be an electrocution and/or fire hazard.

Electrical wiring and rewiring work is extremely delicate work and the law only allows licensed professional electricians to provide these services.

Why Choose Our Singapore Rewiring Services

We’re EMA licensed, have wonderfully talented staff members who can accurately identify and resolve any wiring /rewiring needs you have, or other electrical related issues you’re facing. Our team members are also highly trained with years of experience, and are committed to deliver you the quick, clean, efficient service quality that we promise to all our customers.

Accountability is also a big thing with the folks here at CATS.com.sg, meaning that we’ll be providing you a workmanship warranty for the job too. Making sure that your home and office spaces are safe from future problems, helping you breathe easy! We here at CATS.com.sg are ever ready to answer your calls and assist you with your electrical woes so drop us a call and we'll give you all the help you’ll need.

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We have worked with many Singaporeans to solve their housing and office space wiring/re-wiring needs! Our high quality, extremely affordable services are just a phone call away! Our team will be able to give you a competitive quotation immediately after you contact us and describe your needs!

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