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Need Electrical Repair in Singapore?

Electrical repair jobs are also commonly requested of our team here at CATS.com.sg, many common problems we’ve dealt with arising from damage to electrical wiring systems, power outlets or other installations. Some electrical problems that can be observed from these damaged electrical installations and appliances are flickering of lights, appliances not working properly and in extreme cases, the smell of burning.

If you start noticing these strange occurrences frequently, our friendly and professional staff is ready to help! We can head down to your homes and office spaces to assess and repair the damage. So, if you are noticing any of the tell-tale symptoms, do drop us a call and we’ll be there to make sure everything in your home or business space is safe to use, and fully functional once again!

Home and office space owners throughout Singapore count on CATS.com.sg’s services to provide them with electrical repair solutions that’re both effective yet affordable, to get their daily lives or business operations back on track.

Why Choose Our Electricians for Electrical Repairs

As mentioned above, that was just a quick snapshot of what you can notice if your home or business spaces needs electrical maintenance or repairs. Below is a list of the most common symptoms you can observe are (including those mentioned above); Sparks coming from power outlets or appliances, Buzzing static sounds at electrical points, Damaged or frayed main’s wires. Sparks in problem appliances or installations can be observed when you’re switching them on or off.

When you can start observing your appliances sparking, that means that that appliance or installation is malfunctioning, because the electrical discharge should not be seen in any case. The same goes for static buzzing sounds, where by an electrical discharge is being passed between two or more electrical points.

This is more for installations and appliances that you can’t visually inspect on your own, but the consistent sound when the appliance is turned on is a definite cause for a professional’s expertise. Lastly, damaged or frayed mains wires that you can observe are extremely dangerous if left un-attended, as it can lead to major safety hazards and may also compromise the functionality of many electrical appliances and installations in your spaces.

Noticed any of the symptoms in your home or office space? If so, we highly recommend contacting a team of experienced professional electricians to remedy the problem quickly for everyone’s safety.

We're Reliable, Honest and Extremely Affordable

We have EMA licensed, wonderfully talented staff members who can accurately identify and resolve any electrical repairs solutions you need, or other electrical related issues you’re facing. Our team members are also highly trained with years of experience, and are committed to deliver you the quick, clean, efficient service quality that we promise to all our customers.

Accountability is also a big thing with our team, meaning that we’ll be providing you with a comprehensive workmanship warranty that covers errors made on our end. Making sure that your home and office spaces are safe from future problems, helping you breathe easy! We here at CATS.com.sg are ever ready to answer your calls and assist you with your electrical woes so drop us a call and we'll give you all the help you’ll need!

Got any burning questions about us? How we do our work and possibly what else do we do? How do we like our coffee in the morning? Drop us a call and our friendly team at the desk will be sure to help you with whatever you have in mind!

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